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Strive for Excellence in Business and Talent

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The strength of our BRAND is a critical enabler of our ambitious strategy. The combination of quality leadership, technical expertise and an inclusive culture built on consensus not directives, has brought STROLLA brand to a position of being a credible challenger to the consulting world.

Connecting industry and specialised knowledge with innovative technology and ideas, our qualified professionals create true business value for existing and potential business partners.

Our brand promise is communicated externally through our tagline ‘Strive for Excellence in Business and Talent’.

Our brand is now global with membership of IR Global represented to offer the highest quality services that meets the needs of the most complex client requirements.

How it all comes together

This touches our whole business, from the services we provide and the way we deliver them, to the people we hire and how we talk about STROLLA. We know that we must further differentiate ourselves from our competitors in order to win and retain business partners we want and the people we need to serve them.